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About Us

The Michigan Center for Progressive Public Policy was established to conduct policy research on matters affecting the people of the State of Michigan and to propose approaches to public policy issues consistent with the traditional American values of public education, equality under the law, cooperation between government and free enterprise including labor for sustainable economic growth and development, promoting public health, and the stewardship of public commons and the environment.

Michigan Center for Progressive Public policy believes that cooperation among the various segments of society builds a stronger society and economy than the current philosophy of the bottom line in a free market which has never existed.

The cooperation we talk about is exemplified in the decision to establish schools in Michigan as early as 1787 in the Northwest Ordinance. It is exemplified in the building of railroads across our nation in the nineteenth century and an interstate system of highways in the twentieth century. It also brought about our successful landing on the moon in 1969. It continues to show itself in times of crisis.

The Center is a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Who We Are

Our Vision

Michigan’s progress is rooted in the participation of educated and equal citizens.

Our Mission

Research, publish and, advocate public policy positions for the universal benefit to those who live, play, work, or pray in Michigan.

Our Perspective

The Michigan Center for Progressive Public policy believes that all facets of society and the economy are interrelated and affect each other. Public education for example is not just a question of tax dollars and teacher pay but rather the education of citizens so they can live healthy lives, be productive part of the economy and society as a whole. They then contribute to the betterment of Michigan by voting responsibly, working faithfully, and volunteering graciously. The economy is not strong merely because people use their money to establish enterprises but by the quality of the employees who work for them. The employees in turn use their income to buy products and services of other businesses. They pay for the care of public systems.

We believe that all citizens are inherently equal under the law and therefore oppose any and all forms of discrimination in the workplace, community, and personal lives.

The relationship between government and business has been characterized by exploitation of the working person for the benefit of owners since 1980 and must be countered with fair and objective research. Taxes must be evaluated in light of all citizens, not just the wealthy.

We look forward to the day when all citizens will see the impact of public policy decisions based on their interaction with other decisions rather than a narrow view which says that a free market solves all problems and promotes all good will.   We accept and promote a government which serves the public interest in areas that belong in the public good. Privatization of public services is an evil that must be countered.

Our Points of Interest

The Michigan Center for Progressive Public policy will focus on four areas of extreme urgency in 2017: it will conduct research and advocacy for:

  1. Public education as the only choice for taxpayer dollars.

  2. Conservation of natural resources, preservation and promotion of the public parks, lands and water.

  3. Voting accessibility and non-partisan redistricting.

  4. Equality of all people before the law.